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Contract Deputy - Travis Belleard
Deputy Travis Belleard

In May, 2011, the Town of Limington entered into a four year agreement with the York County Sheriff's Office to hire a contract deputy. After that agreement lapsed, The town has been entering on yearly contracts with the county for the past two years. The deputy provides exclusive patrol service to the town for 40 hours per week.

In March, 2013, contract Deputy Thistlewood, was promoted to Sergeant. In June, 2014, Deputy Thomas Searway became the Town's Contract Deputy. As of August 8, 2016, Thomas Searway was replaced by Deputy Travis Belleard. Deputy Belleard will serve as Limington's contract deputy for the remainder of the contract term. Deputy Belleard is a resident of Sanford and was born in New York.

Items needing attention

Just a reminder that illegal dumping on land not owned by the person dumping it is a prosecutable offense. This activity can cause an increase in taxes and fees for The Town and its citizens.

Deputy Belleard can be reached as follows:

Phone: 207-324-1113

Fax: 207-324-3496


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